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New Upload

2010-01-20 08:36:19 by Neonman5

I hope to say I'm getting better, but that's for the users to decide.

Anyway, I've uploaded a slight remix of the song used in Rathergood's "Tales Of The Blode", which is actually an excerpt from "I Can't Stop Raving".


Progress = Yay!

2009-02-28 03:39:04 by Neonman5

Oh my god, I think it's about time! Yes, I uploaded another piece of shitty music, so feel free to comment!

On a serious note, I have been making progress. In fact, since I've uploaded so many pieces of crap it makes this one look like a masterpiece (which it's not, I tell you). And would you believe that I haven't even used the playlist in a single song yet on FL, and yes, I'm still using a crappy demo version of it, because I'm cheap ;).

But my cry for help still stands, and if anybody has a kind enough heart to provide assistance then please do so!

And don't expect me to post much either!


Don't Know Really.....

2008-08-03 08:16:22 by Neonman5

Well, my first few music uploads weren't very successful, and as it seems I need practice. It's Fruity Loop Studio 8 that I have troubles with. I understand the whole concept of it and how to use it, but not to an amazing extent. I don't even know how to use the playlist properly :(. I have received help from Goukisan (Guitar Vs Piano) and that did aid me.

However, I believe I can make steady progress if I keep trying, so please try and tolerate my failed attempts untill I can fully understand how to make a well written piece of music.

So, if any of you who know anything about the program are willing to lend some advice, or more, then kindly pm me or reply to this post.
You have the power.

- NeonMan5